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Marketing Experts Give Back

Marketing Experts Give Back

Looking for expert help on marketing, advertising, public relations? Join the American Marketing Association at their Marketing Experts Give Back on April 25th in Riverside California at the Excite Accelerator.


This incredible event is made for non-profits and small businesses to receive expert advice on advertising, PR, social media, and many other marketing topics. Each table will be hosted by one or more industry veterans offering their experience and insight into the areas most critical to you. Be part of the excitement!

Table Topics:

  1. Tax Advice for Non-Profits
  2. Non-Profit Funding
  3. Donor and Public Relations
  4. Sponsorship Marketing
  5. Advertising: Digital/Traditional
  6. Traditional/Direct Mail Marketing
  7. Digital Marketing/Blogging/SEO
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Social Media Marketing


Mobile Marketing:  Mary Barnett – Another Brilliant Idea
Advertising: Digital/Traditional Nathan Greenberg – Arkside Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing: Mara Murphy
Direct Mail Marketing: Eugene Montanez
Visual/Video Marketing: Kyle Mastin
Visual/Video Marketing: Sebastian Diaz Photographer
Donor and Public Relations: Aaron Norris – The Norris Group
Donor and Public Relations: Jon Burgess – RedFusion Media
Social Media Marketing: Kaitlin Bilhartz
Social Media Marketing: Rhonda Sher
Social Media Marketing: Jacqueline Riverside County
Digital Marketing/Blogging/SEO: Stephanie Harvey
Digital Marketing/Blogging/SEO: Michael Shaffer – Echo Factory
Small Business and Non-Profit Funding: Hilda Kennedy/Janine Warren – AmPac
Email Marketing: Joan Stanford – Jazzy Pen
Email Marketing: Linda Carlberg – SmartSyt
Branding: Marcy Decato – Creative Solutions Marketing
Relationship: Marketing Deb Johnson

Event Pricing:
$0.00 – Non-profit employee
$15.00 – Students (with code “Student”)
$20.00 – AMA member
$25.00 – Small business employee

Excite Accelerator

3499 Tenth Street
Riverside, CA 92501


Date:  April 25
Time: 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost: $15 – $30
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