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Off Grid Lighting Project Completed for Maintenance Building

Pure Gold Solar Inland Empire

Redlands, Ca – Pure Gold Solar recently completed the installation of an off-grid lighting system for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, (BNSF). The project provides on-demand night lighting for a 1600 square foot, steel maintenance inventory building in the greater Los Angeles area.

“It’s a six LED fixture, 24,000 lumen, on-demand lighting system affixed to the 18-foot ceiling of a steel  structure that utilizes photovoltaic, direct current energy connected to a smart charge controller and sealed lead acid battery bank. A pure sine wave inverter powered by the battery bank provides alternate current power to the LED lights”, stated Mark Walsh, Project Manager for Pure gold Solar. “The solar PV on the roof charges the battery during the day and the battery powers the lights when needed through the standby inverter during the night”, Mr. Walsh added.

Off grid lighting packages for larger commercial structures are increasingly becoming an affordable option since the hardware involved have all become much more reliable and cost competitive as the industry has matured. When combined with skylights for day use, a large off grid lighting package for night use can be a fraction of the cost of conventional building electrical, connecting to utility service and the associated monthly billing for that service.

Larger off grid lighting and power packages can easily produce and store enough energy to charge pallet jack equipment, run solar hybrid and direct current heat pumps for office cooling and heat, operate office equipment and provide power to on-demand 120/240 VAC outlets.

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