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Ontario Awarded $5.7 Million in Active Transportation Program Funds

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Ontario, CA – The City of Ontario has been approved for nearly $5.8 million in state Active Transportation Program funding to improve pedestrian access and safety around Haynes, Vista Grande and Oaks Schools.

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) recently adopted its 2019 Active Transportation Program Metropolitan Planning Organization Component, which includes $5.764 million for pedestrian improvements around the three Ontario Schools. The project will construct more than 3 miles of missing sidewalks, nearly 200 handicap ramps, enhanced pedestrian crossings, street lights and plant more than 900 street trees.

It is the fourth Active Transportation Program grant the City has received over the past six years, accounting for more than $10 million in public improvements to improve pedestrian facilities.  These improvements are in addition to the $7.7 million of active transportation projects that are being funded through a $35 million Transformative Climate Communities grant awarded last year by the state Strategic Growth Council to redevelop the City’s historic downtown.

The combination of these grants will result in nearly $18 million in active transportation improvements in the City, increasing pedestrian access to local schools, parks, commercial centers and transit stops.

The projects also include educational activities for students, parents and community members about the positive health benefits of walking and bicycling, as well as traffic safety and the rules of the road.

“We’re grateful for the support we’re receiving from the state to further establish Ontario as a model urban center. Encouraging safe active transportation is a critical element in our commitment to a healthy and prosperous community for all of our residents and stakeholders,” said Mayor Paul Leon.

About the City of Ontario

The City of Ontario Elevates the quality-of-life by creating urban lifestyle districts that create sustainable places to live, work and play. Located just 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the City of Ontario is ideally situated as a gateway to Southern California. With major freeways, rail transportation and International Airport, Ontario offers the rest of the world to be a part of a culturally diverse community with rich history that is well positioned for quality development and economic sustainability for its 177,000 residents.  Complementing its business and residential core, Ontario offers premium entertainment venues such as the Ontario Convention Center, Toyota Arena, and the Ontario Mills Mall. To learn more about the City of Ontario, visit or call (909) 395-2000.

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