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Rialto Mother Creates Nokï Baby Bottle Adapter

A Rialto based startup releases a convenient alternative for parents who formula feed their babies.

RIALTO, CA – Owner, teacher, and mother of two young boys, NaChé Thompson, created Nokï Baby to save moms the time and mess that normally comes with trying to make a formula bottle away from home. Nokï Baby, created by NaChé Thompson, is a baby bottle adapter that turns 8 ounce water bottles into baby bottles and dispenses powdered formula.

Nokï Baby is launching a Kickstarter campaign on September 1, 2016 to raise money for manufacture. The goal is to bring Nokï to a store near you. By backing our campaign, you can be among the first to receive a Nokï Baby Bottle Adapter before it is available in stores.

Nokï Baby will be launched and manufactured March 2017. Nokï is easy to use for all caretakers of infant children. These baby bottle adapters make it easier than ever to formula feed babies on the go.

Nokï’s convenient feeding alternative was inspired by struggles NaChé faced with running errands with babies to feed. When running out of baby bottles while out on the go, she’d have to abandon errands to find a store, purchase formula and a water bottle, and make a huge mess mixing them together. This hassle sparked an idea for innovation of a cleaner and quicker option: Nokï Baby Bottle Adapter.

Its easy use makes the product even more of an advantage for users. To use the reusable version of Nokï, unscrew the top and fill it with the baby’s favorite formula. Close it back up, screw it onto an 8 ounce water bottle, shake it up and then feed the baby. Eventually, Nokï will also be available in a disposable version, which will come prepacked with powder formula.

About Nokï Baby
Nokï is a baby bottle adapter that attaches to the top of 8 ounce water bottles, and stores powder formula until you need to feed your baby. Countless moms and dads experience the stress that comes with running out of prepared bottles while on the road. Nokï is a simple solution to the stress of formula feeding on the go. Nokï Baby is a California-based company, established in 2015. Find more information at

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