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Riverside Board of Public Utilities to Discuss Economic Impact Study & Utility Strategic Plan

Riverside Public Utilities

Riverside, Calif.At the Board of Public Utilities meeting on Monday Feb. 13, staff will present two important reports that will help set the course for Riverside Public Utilities future over the coming years.

The Riverside Public Utilities Economic and Social Impact Analysis report findings will be presented by economic forecaster Dr. Robert Kleinhenz, who with a team from the UCR Center for Economic Forecasting, conducted the independent study that illustrates the value RPU brings to the City of Riverside and the Inland Empire region.

“Riverside Public Utilities generates an economic impact of nearly $500 million each year to this community and the region,” said RPU General Manager Girish Balachandran.  “Our customers should have great pride in knowing that their investment into a publicly owned utility has and will continue to pay off in dividends.”

Also at Monday night’s meeting, the Board will hear a presentation from staff regarding its completed 2017-2021 strategic plan.  The plan, centered around the utilities comprehensive capital improvement plan, Utility 2.0, provides a structured roadmap and milestones for the next 5 years. RPU’s Utility 2.0 strategic plan is aligned with the city’s Riverside 2.0 plan.

“The Utility 2.0 Strategic Plan was jointly developed through a series of public workshops and involved the City Council, RPU Board and staff,” said Board Chair David Austin. “This plan sets RPU on a path to modernize the utility and ensure that our customers’ needs for water and electricity are met.”

Both reports can be viewed by clicking here and clicking on the agenda for the corresponding meeting date:

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