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Riverside Residents Asked to Apply Online for Openings on Advisory Groups

Members of City Boards and Commissions Help Shape Future of Riverside

The City of Riverside is accepting applications from residents who want to serve on Boards and Commissions that help shape policies and practices at City Hall.

Riverside’s 15 Boards and Commissions offer advice and guidance on important policy decisions for the city, which affect daily life in Riverside. Such issues include General Plan updates, building design, signs, parks, recreation, trees, streets, traffic regulations, public utilities, ethics, and the City budget.

Members serve four-year terms and are eligible for consideration for reappointment for an additional four-year term. Applications are being accepted through Nov. 8, 2019. Openings include:

·         Commission on Aging (Citywide and Ward 7)

·         Budget Engagement Commission (Ward 6 Business)

·         Community Police Review Commission (Wards 1, 3, 5, and 7)

·         Commission on Disabilities (Ward 7)

·         Board of Ethics (Wards 2, 5, and 7)

·         Human Relations Commission (Citywide and Ward 5)

·         Human Resources Board (Citywide and Ward 7)

·         Board of Library Trustees (Ward 7)

·         Planning Commission (Citywide and Ward 7)

·         Board of Public Utilities (Citywide and Ward 2)

·         Transportation Board (Ward 6)

“The Mayor and City Council members value the input from our community volunteers,” City Clerk Colleen J. Nicol said. “By serving as a member of one of the Boards and Commissions, residents will have an opportunity to make decisions that affect their neighborhoods and city.”

Boards and Commissions include the Commission on Aging, Budget Engagement Commission, Airport Commission, Community Police Review Commission, Cultural Heritage Board, Commission on Disabilities, Board of Ethics, Human Relations Commission, Human Resources Board, Board of Library Trustees, Metropolitan Museum Board, Park and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission, Board of Public Utilities, and Transportation Board.

Applications are accepted year-round for any of the Boards and Commissions.  For more information and to apply online to a Board and Commission visit or visit the City Clerk’s Office on the 7th floor of City Hall.


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