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Urban Inland Empire: California’s Next Metropolis?

Riverside Economic Conference

Riverside, CA – On October 25th, The 8th Annual Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference hosted by UC Riverside School of Business’ Center for Economic Forecasting & Development will take place at the Riverside Convention Center.

This year’s event, Urban Inland Empire: California’s Next Metropolis?, includes both an economic forecast and an in-depth discussion about the region’s urbanization as well as strategies for developing the local economy.

This year’s speakers include California Speaker of the House, Anthony Rendon; economists Christopher Thornberg & Robert Kleinhenz; and UCLA’s Michael Manville, a renowned expert in urbanization and urban economies.

Did you know that the Inland Empire is the 15th largest labor market in the United States? That it is home to nearly 2 million working residents? That’s on par with Houston, Atlanta, and Washington DC.

The IE is different from similarly sized markets in a critical way: It has no ‘downtown’. No ‘urban core’ where jobs are densely located. Instead, jobs are scattered across the region and a huge share of the population drives west daily, to reach the coastal economies where they work.

Join some of the state’s leading economists and urban planning experts to hear what’s next for the U.S., California, and Inland Empire economies, and for a data-driven discussion about the region’s urban future.

Join some of the state’s leading experts for a new economic forecast and a data-driven discussion about the region’s urban future.

About the Conference

Launched in 2010, the Inland Empire Economic Forecast Conference quickly emerged as one of the most highly anticipated business gatherings of the region, headlined by leading economic forecasters and attended by hundreds of Southern California’s C-level government and business leaders.

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