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Veterans Receive $488,635 In Job Assistance In Riverside County

Riverside County Workforce Development

Riverside, CA – The County of Riverside has been awarded $488,635 in Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds to support the Riverside County Veterans’ Employment-Related Assistance Program (RivCoVEAP), which will be provided to eligible applicants between July 1, 2019, and March 31, 2021.

“As a Navy veteran, I know it can be tough to adjust to life after military service,” said Supervisor Chuck Washington, a former Navy officer and aviator. “These funds will help us facilitate the transition to civilian life for 100 deserving veterans, benefitting employers and workers alike and strengthening our community.”

The program, which is being administered by the County’s Economic Development Agency (EDA) and the County’s Workforce Development Board, will serve 100 veterans and eligible spouses in various categories, including service members who were recently separated, disabled veterans, War on Terror campaign veterans, Gulf War II-era veterans, and veterans with significant barriers.  The County anticipates that many RivCoVEAP recipients will intersect one or more of the priority groups listed.

As noted by Rob Field, Assistant County Executive Officer/EDA, “RivCoVEAP’s overarching goal is to provide support to veterans as they navigate the challenges they are likely to face as they transition into civilian employment.”

Interested applicants should contact EDA’s Workforce Development Division at 951-955-0464.

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