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San Bernardino County WDB Honored as ‘High-Performing Local Board’

San Bernardino County, CA – The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board (WDB) once again is being recognized among California’s highest-performing local workforce boards for its success in transforming lives and strengthening business throughout the nation’s largest geographic county.

The award, from the state Employment Development Department, underscores the impact the WDB is having in making sure job seekers obtain the skills they need and encouraging business growth by helping employers find qualified workers.

“For businesses, San Bernardino County represents an extraordinary growth opportunity. Our Workforce Development Board is committed to ensuring that we have a robust pipeline of qualified workers, which supports those businesses and creates new opportunities for employees and job seekers,” said Robert Lovingood, Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

A local board seeking high-performance status must exceed state and federal standards in helping people enter and retain employment, strategic planning, designing innovative training programs and developing career pathways. For the first time, this year’s EDD designation comes with a financial award – more than $54,000 – which can be used to support local programs.

The San Bernardino County WDB has consistently ranked among California’s highest-performing workforce boards over the years. The WDB operates three America’s Job Centers of California and works with partner organizations to provide a multitude of free business solutions and career-development services. Tony Myrell, Workforce Board Chair, stated “The Board’s continued commitment to engaging with the business community has resulted in extraordinary partnerships and opportunities for job seekers that have benefited and advanced the workforce system.  I am proud of what the board has achieved and will continue to achieve.”

Reg Javier, the County’s Deputy Executive Officer for Workforce and Economic Development, said the board’s partnership with the business community, educational institutions, community groups and service providers are key to its success.

During the past year, WDB staff contacted more than 7,900 businesses and conducted labor market surveys with nearly 2,400 employers.

“That information was critical in tailoring training and pipelines to meet the needs of those businesses,” Javier said. “Everyone benefits – businesses, employees and job seekers, and the community at large. San Bernardino County not only is the biggest county in the country, it is one of the fastest growing, which creates tremendous opportunities moving forward.”

About the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board

The San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board (WDB) is comprised of private business representatives and public partners appointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.  The WDB strives to strengthen the skills of the County’s workforce through partnerships with business, education and community-based organizations. The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors is committed to providing county resources, which generate jobs and investment in line with the Countywide Vision.

The Workforce Development Board, through the San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency and Workforce Development Department, operates the San Bernardino County’s three America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC). The AJCCs provide individuals with job training, placement and the tools to strengthen their skills to achieve a higher quality of life. The AJCCs also support and provide services to the County’s businesses, including employee recruitment and business retention programs.

Employers and job seekers who are interested in the Workforce Development Board programs may call: (800) 451-JOBS or visit

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