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Inland Empire Plastic Company Molds Environmentally Friendly Jars and Bottles

Compostable Plastics - Microdyne Plastics

Colton, CAMicrodyne Plastics, Incorporated, is moving toward more environmentally sensitive plastic jars and bottles. Huge progress in plastic resin (used to mold plastic products) is being made around the world, and manufacturing in the Inland Empire can take advantage of the new plastics.

Microdyne has three options for newer Earth Friendly Plastic Polymers and Resins:  Biodegradable and Compostable, Negative Carbon Footprint, and Resin Additives. These options represent the current state of the biomass polymer revolutions underway now. Developing the perfect replacement for plastic will have huge benefits as consumers switch their preferences, and governmental bodies put more regulations on the industry. The availability of alternatives may actually cause governmental regulation to move the process forward faster.

Consumers are becoming more aware of certain single-use products and changing buying habits as a result. “Plastic bags, coffee cups, and polystyrene takeout packaging have been the biggest targets” says plastics journalist Don Loepp. He suggests that suddenly other kinds of products are joining that list such as plastic straws.  That made the news recently when a California lawmaker proposed a ban on waiters giving straws to patrons without a request.  Research indicates that many consumers make final decisions on products based on the type of packaging used.

One thing California does well is recycling compared to the nation. Recycling is a huge part of a solution here. However, trends on some areas is down for recycling. Making plastic products in new types of bio-based materials, and methods will assist with the degradation of waste plastic that is not recycled. Read our blog on Consumer Attitudes about Plastics here.

Microdyne Plastics is working hard to research, test, and assist its customers in this transformation. President Judy Lopez says, “As a contract plastic molder we intend to be a leader in the use of all plastic resins that are better for the environment than what has been available to us.”

Read more about how Microdyne Plastic can assist with new Environmentally Friendly plastic products.


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