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Off-Grid Air Harvest Drinking Water Systems Offered by Pure Gold Solar

Pure Gold Solar - Source Off Grid

Imagine an Uninterruptible Supply of Perfectly Mineralized, pH Balanced, Pure Drinking Water for your Home and Business.

Pure Gold Solar is a partner organization with InlandEmpire.US.

Redlands, CA – Pure Gold Solar is pleased to announce the addition of SOURCE Hydropanels, an off-grid drinking water system, to its line of solar products for homes and businesses. SOURCE is manufactured by Zero Mass Water of Scottsdale, AZ where the proprietary technology was developed at Arizona State University. They system was designed applying thermodynamics, materials science, and controls technology that makes the highest quality drinking water every day for homes, schools, or offices on or off-grid from only sunlight and air. The off-grid drinking water system can either be ground or roof mounted. Click here for more details.

A single SOURCE Hydropanel produces an average 3-5 liters of pure drinking water per day and holds close to 30 liters in its reservoir where it is mineralized and pH balanced. The pure drinking water is then pumped at 80psi to a custom dispenser inside the building, a refrigerator ice/water dispenser connection or another location like a coffee making station. The performance and production of each SOURCE deployed is monitored by Zero Mass at its headquarters through the Hydropanels’ mesh network connection.

Source Off-Grid Water System - Hydropanels

Since SOURCE is off-grid and does not attach to the structure, permits are the exception and not the rule. A standard SOURCE Hydropanel array starts at two panels and costs $2,000 per panel with an estimated $500 installation cost. Compared to the expense of bottled water, Hydropanels pay back in 2-3 years. This estimated return does not take into account the environmental and personal benefits of less plastic bottles, elimination of logistics and lesser quality water.

Pure Gold Solar is currently demonstrating the SOURCE at its renewable energy center in Redlands, CA.


Pure Gold Solar is a California based energy management company focusing on grid tied and off-grid building efficiency, solar PV and battery systems, high efficiency solar air conditioning systems and off-grid solar drinking water systems. For more information please visit: or email;

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