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Inland Empire Demographics

The Inland Empire is a massive geographic area, but often included in Los Angeles’ direct market area.  This provides a unique situation and defined niche, and at the same time presents challenges to media buyers.

We are twice the size of Denver, St. Louis and Baltimore – yet we don’t have any professional sports teams.  We are the home of the Auto Club Speedway, the only super-speedway on the west coast.  Most of the population can be skiing or snowboarding – or be at the beach in about an hour.

Inland Empire Demographics

Quick Inland Empire Stats

The Inland Empire primarily consists of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. Geographically, the Inland Empire includes a small sliver of the east corner of Los Angeles county (Pomona, Claremont & La Verne), however that is not included in our data.

We are the 13th Largest population.

  • 55,000+ businesses
  • 27+ Universities & Colleges
  • Our Geography includes Desert, Mountain, Valley’s and the Colorado River
  • We are included in the Los Angeles DMA

InlandEmpire.US Stats

Audience Interest Overview

Source: Google Analytics Jan 31, 2017 to Feb. 6, 2018, InlandEmpire.US

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We track each and every email sent, opened and clicked. We learn and improve. If someone unsubscribes, not only do we respect that, we learn from it, and our most proud stat is that in one year we have averages less than 2 unsubscribes a month. Quality of content, context and curation matters.


Our own feed garners an average of 3,250 impressions a day, more than 100,000 impressions a month. And our content is pulled by various other Twitter feeds that we can’t count. (Riverside_Buzz – 6,100+ followers, SanBerdooNews, 770+ followers, BreakingBBnews 1,825+ followers)

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In an ecosystem that is increasingly challenging, we have grown our Twitter (NATURALLY) at a great rate. We are currently growing our followers at 15% a year, while still blocking any fake looking accounts.

Our hard work at strategically planning and curating our content helps our tweets out perform any of the local news, from events to industrial reports, we work hard to pick stories our followers want to read and share.


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Our team isn’t full of journalists, but business experts having spent 40+ years in traditional marketing. 20+ years in digital marketing. And this site has 5,500 pages that have been add over 13 years.  We out build the competition. We out think the competition. And we care about relationships.

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Alexa Ranks 10-27-17

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We literally start presentations with a handshake photo in the slide deck. We care only about marketing to people, not branding. And we know it works, we have the data on 1,000’s of our regular viewers.


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