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Mayor Warren Appointed to the National League of Cities 2020 Presidential Election Task Force

Fontana, Ca– Mayor Acquanetta Warren was appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2020 Presidential Election Task Force, joined by some of the most influential mayors, council members and directors across the country. Mayor Warren will be attending her first task force meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2019, in San Antonio, Texas.

Task force members will assist the NLC Board of Directors by establishing a platform of issues that are most important to local governments that will, in turn, serve as a resource to the 2020 presidential candidates. Past task force platforms covered city concerns such as economy, infrastructure and public safety.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to represent Fontana at such an important event,” states Mayor Warren. “Small and big-city issues matter, and our next presidential candidates should be developing their platforms around the problems that are currently impacting not only Fontana but all U.S. cities.”

Mayor Warren represents Fontana on various committees such as the Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee, the General Policy Committee, the Transit Committee of the San Bernardino County, and the newly-formed Housing, Economic Development, Jobs and Opportunity Zone Ad Hoc Committee.

For more information about Mayor Acquanetta Warren, visit the City of Fontana website here.

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