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Business, Organizations and Public partners are a key component to InlandEmpire.US’ success.

We are community driven website. We do not run our site on traditional advertising or subscription fees. Instead, we look for businesses and organizations to partner with us and help build the Inland Empire.

Our partners provide local, market and employment opportunities for the Inland Empire, as well as first-class business and industry expertise and advice, and civic awareness that we leverage to help create a better community in the Southern California cities where we work.

Why Partner with InlandEmpire.US

We have served more than 630,000 ads on InlandEmpire.US in the first five months of the year.


We are having a great social media growth, with a twitter target of more than 20% for the year.

Real Results

Support content and campaigns that bring measurable awareness to some of the Inland Empire’s most important stories.

Shared Value

Tap into new market and hyper-local content that benefits our community

Public Recognition

Gain visibility as a leader in the Inland Empire through our content curation, social channels and inbound marketing techniques.

Direct Engagement

Distribute your expertise and message to our local community, followers and expanded Google reach.

Unique Marketing Platform

We are a one-of-a-kind hyper-local media outlet. Staffed by marketing experts, we make our partners shine.

Social Reach 

In March of 2017, our Twitter Account reached 82,000 impressions.

Inland Empire Twitter Reach

We Help

Small Business

  • Looking for hyper-local city level customers?

Regional/National Organization

  • Want to reach the full Inland Empire?

Events Venue or Promotional Organization

  • Do multiple events?  Have large crowds?

Municipalities, Utilities, Government

  • Need a partner to reach the public?


  • Doing work as a 501c3?

Higher Education/Continuing Education

  • Looking for community outreach? Need student lead generation?

Employer Looking to Hire?

  • Looking for Inland Empire Employees?

Want to Partner?

  • Are you currently helping grown the Inland Empire?
  • Looking to generate more revenue? (we pay you)

Get Partner Information & Pricing Emailed to You

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Member Benefits

This is a member supported website, we need you.

ALL Members

  • SEO Optimized Landing Page
  • Internal Ads tagged to your City
  • Promotion of PR and Relevant Stories
  • Access to RedFusion Media’s marketing education
  • Discounts to business

Additional Options

  • Additional job postings
  • Increased Inland Empire reach
  • Access to our event calendar
  • Custom marketing programs
  • Custom social programs
  • In person training

Partner with us

Want to buy Ads? Sorry, we don’t sell them. We work with our supporters to build and curate our content. So, join us, and we’ll start helping you build your business.

Partner? Affiliate?We love partners. If you are building and improving the Inland Empire, let’s chat about how we can work together, and we will pay you 20% of all sales.

If your organization is actively building the Inland Empire like a chamber, professional group or Economic Development Agency, then we can chat about how to partner with you or pay you to be an affiliate.