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Introduction & Growth of InlandEmpire.US

Listen to our brief overview. How we did this and why we are different.

Reaching the Inland Empire

Inland Empire dot us is for all of us!  The purpose of this site is to grow the Inland Empire through partnerships and community awareness.

We do this uniquely by:

  • Building one-to-one marketing communications (Relationship Marketing)
  • Posting Hyper-local Inland Empire content (SEO)
  • Aggregating and curating the best business stories (Sharing & Caring)
  • Giving credit to the creators – (Pat on the back)

Publishing + Google News

We are unique – we are the only independent site in the Inland Empire that has it’s feed pulled by Google News.

The Google News Advantage:

  • Google News listings are rare and hard-earned, it drives the way we post content
  • 1st to press, unique, honest, cited, 250+ words, and a track-record of quality
  • Stories reach beyond the Inland Empire and beyond Google Search
  • We drive 15-30% of our traffic through Google News feeds – other sites don’t have that advantage.

Google News Inland Empire

Value First

In our marketing education and consulting, we teach value.  We have built InlandEmpire.US on providing value, not providing circulation, views, clicks – but a deeper value.

  • Partners have landing pages.
  • Stories are optimized for SEO, Google News and sharing.
  • Content is curated – we create unique tags, topics and cross-links.
  • Ads stay internal – thus we are not affected by Ad-blockers, nor to we have annoying pop-ups, pop-overs, or auto-run videos.

One-of-a-kind Marketing Engine

We have 40 years of traditional marketing experience, 20 years of digital marketing expertise and run the industry’s leading inbound marketing engine.


  • We create and foster relationships.
  • We follow the growth, doing what works – cutting what didn’t.
  • And we thank people. Daily. We believe partners and regular viewers deserve to be thanked – because they built this.

Growing the Inland Empire

We Lead.

  • We invest in technology – innovating the online journal/magazine.
  • We share and teach what we know.
  • We target and win at metrics that provide you value.
  • Leadership to us is, providing our partners a way win.

We provide a way to win for our partners. That’s Leadership!

Alexa Small