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Inland Empire Public Relation, Press Releases, PR or whatever you want to call it.

We call it “Curated Content”

We share stories that have a positive impact on the greater Inland Empire by focusing on businesses, organizations and improving our economy through education, job creation and sharing successes we find locally

A Shared Community. We believe in building the “community” of the Inland Empire with people who share our goal.  We truly believe that it is in our collective best interest to build partnerships which benefit all of us.

Send your Inland Empire PR to “News@InlandEmpire.US”.

Tips for successfully publishing with us.

  • We strive to be “First to Press”, don’t send old news
  • Include photos
  • Write 400+ words
  • Do not sell. We will not post sales or promotional material
  • Tell us your twitter account, so we can promote you
  • Be in the Inland Empire

I sent a story at 2:15 on Feb. 11, and they had it posted by 3:30. That’s fast and effective!”-  Ellen Porter, Dameron Communications Public Relations Executive.