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Inland Empire Public Relation, Press Releases, PR or whatever you want to call it.

We call it “Curated Content”

We share stories that have a positive impact on the greater Inland Empire by focusing on businesses, organizations and improving our economy through education, job creation and sharing successes.


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Publishing Requirements/Tips

Some of the BASICS about Publishing with US

  • Write 400+ words
  • Include photo
  • We strive to be “First to Press”
  • We will not post, old or previous posted stories. We simply Google your title to find out
  • Tell us your twitter account, so we can promote you
    • Also, tell us about the twitter accounts of people ore other organizations that you may be talking about
  • Be in the Inland Empire

Positive Content

We work hard to post positive content (or Re-Tweet content)

  • We don’t post negative content, such as crimes, murders, etc.
  • Most political posts, we skip. You can watch CNN or Fox and get your political fix.
  • If the political post is about laws, government or actual outcomes that effect the public, we may post it.
  • Pure promotional or advertising content, we generally skip.

Send Us You Content

Send us your content by emailing it to: