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Hope for Sarah – Supporting Mother with Cancer

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May 17th Events in Yucaipa

Events and Locations for the “Day of Hope for Sarah”

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35 Pink lemon aid and bake sale stands.

1a YHS-Carwash 9-2:00
1b YHS-Stand 9-2:00
YHS-Stand 9-2:00
2a Soccer Complex 9-4:00
3a Baseball Fields 9-12:00
3b Baseball Fields 12-3:00
3c Baseball Fields 3-6:00
3d Baseball Facepainting 9-12:00
3e Baseball Snowcones 9-6:00
4 Ridgeview Elem. 11-2:00
5 Grape X Bryant St. 11-2:00
6 Stand Cancelled
7 Inland Leaders Ch. 11-2:00
8 Wildwood X M Grande11-2:00
9 5th X Fairview 11-2:00
10 6th X Via Barcelona 11-2:00
11 Oak Glen Rd. X 2nd 11-2:00
12 555 County Line Rd. 11-2:00
13 Oil Can Henrys 11-2:00
14 Second st. X E. 11-2:00
15 Holmes X Susan Ct. 11-2:00
16 Valero on 5th St. 11-2:00
18 County Line X Calimesa 11-2:00
19 Avenue E X 7th St. 11-2:00
20 Yucaipa Golf Club (Ch Hts)11-2:00
21 Bryant St. X County Line11-2:00
22 MP Couture 11-2:00
23 5th St. X Stonewood 11-2:00
24 4th X Avenue E. 11-2:00
25 The Baptist Church, BLVD11-2:00
26 Fresh & Easy, Blvd & OGR11-2:00
27 Bryant St. X Date 11-2:00
28 Wildwood X Bryant St.11-2:00  (craft sale too!)
29 California Color Salon 11-2:00
30 10th & Yucaipa Blvd. 11-2:00
31 Equestrian Center 10-3:00
32 Kafe’ Royale 11-2:00
33 33495 Somerset Rd. 11-2:00
34 Jack at IRIS FESTIVAL all day
35 Jasmine at IRIS FESTIVAL all day

Car wash- Yucaipa High School 9:00-2:00
33000 Yucaipa Blvd, Yucaipa, CA 92399

This week leading up to the 17th

Postal Annex on the Blvd. will $1 for every time someone walks in and says “Hope for Sarah”. Plus raffle tickets!!! (see flier)

May 17th Events in Yucaipa

8:00am-6:00pm Oil Can Henry’s, $5 for every oil change will be donated to the Amento Family

Yucaipa Crossfit & Pilates by Vikki!
Workout(s) will be located at Yucaipa Crossfit!
9am-10am Crossfit WOD

10am-11am Pilates by Vikki
(minimum donations $10 per class or $15 for both classes. 100% for the Amento family)

9am-2:00pm Carwash at Yucaipa High School

9am-4pm Soccer Fields Lemonade & Baked Goods

9am-6pm Bryant/OakGlen Complex Baseball Fields,
Pink Snow Cones & Lemonade & Baked Goods

9am-12pm Baseball Fields Face Painting

10am-2pm Pink Hair Extensions at California Color Salon

3:30pm Yucaipa Dance
Stacey Ordaz will lead a Parent/Child Dance Class. $10 for adults & $5 for children all donations go to the Amento Family!

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