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Discover Your Path to a Debt-Free Degree

You are capable of college-level work.

You can afford to go to college on your own terms

You are going to prove it to the people who believe in you, the people who don’t believe in you, and to yourself.

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College Without Limits

Whatever your goal, we will help you achieve it.  If you dream it, you will learn how to do it  at Oak Valley College, a nonprofit Christian liberal arts college based in Colton, California.

  • Earn your bachelor’s degree in business without delays or distractions
  • Graduate in three years – Take three semesters per year and graduate with your bachelor’s degree in three years
  • Debt-free – Most students pay tuition with a part-time job, and you will earn your degree without student loans.

Oak Valley College aspires to follow in the tradition of selective liberal arts colleges.  As a liberal arts college we are dedicated, first and foremost, to teaching.  Our mission is to educate you to think critically, solve complex problems, write effectively, and present information with clarity and conviction.


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Oak Valley College, 404 North 7th Street, Colton, CA, 92324

Call: 909-554-3814


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