Mayor Warren and the City Council Invite Residents to Attend a U.S. Flagpole Dedication Ceremony!

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Fontana, California –  The Mayor and City Council invite residents to attend a U.S. flagpole dedication to be held on March 22nd at 10am at Veterans Park West 9055 Mango Avenue.

The Fontana Rotary is very active in supporting community needs throughout the county. The most recent project is building a flagpole memorial for Veterans Park in Fontana. The nearly $30,000 project was completed and paid for entirely by the Fontana Rotary. In addition to a flagpole, the memorial includes benches, meandering sidewalks, and a reflection area. The project is dedicated to Fontana residents who have served in the five different military branches. The Fontana Rotary is proud to provide this memorial to the City of Fontana to properly recognize and thank those who have served this country in the military.

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