Historic Home Restoration: Old World Windows from Paramount Windows and Doors

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When a company has worked with Disney, Rainforest Café, Spellbinder’s Comedy Club and other household names in the high profile architectural business, you’d expect another masterpiece when a 1911 classic Craftsman home is being restored.

Architect Carlos Parrague, owner of Parrague Development, has spent 20 years honing his skills, resources and vendors across several continents. When he had to match the Craftsman style windows in one of his latest projects in Monrovia, California, he turned to Don McFarland of Paramount Windows and Doors.

“One of the most important parts of restoration is that it looks like it’s been here for a hundred years,” shared Parrague. “The esthetic [of the Paramount windows] is totally in character with hundred year old windows. The character, function, design – everything is exact. You would be hard pressed to identify the Paramount windows from the existing windows.”

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[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he project has wonderful interior wood built-in cabinets, trim molding and pillars. Natural wood finishes have been restored to their original fine luster. Lightly stained natural wood flooring contrasts with the darker wainscoting and crown molding, creating spaces that drip of craftsmanship and warmth.

On the back side of the house, the windows now match the front and side, forming a large open space from the living room through the dining room. The open kitchen flanks the opposite side. Each wall has a large picture window with 16 lights above, and is flanked by two classic double-hung windows. New 10 light swinging doors lead onto a newly built deck above the back yard. Matching molding ties it all together, and only a specialist would be able to tell it’s not all original.

Paramount Windows and Doors shares the love of natural wood. For two decades McFarland has created custom wood windows for all applications where owners want the aesthetic that only wood can provide. Building windows of all types is a passion that began in his garage. Now in a 35,000 square foot facility in San Bernardino, craftsmen still take the same care and attention to detail that is worthy of a project like Carlos Parrague has completed.

Preserving great historical architecture in Southern California sustains culture while creating wonderful spaces for living. Carlos Parrague has created another masterpiece worthy of his company legacy.

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